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Kamehasutra : The art of gay kamasutra applied to Saiyans

The Kamehasutra is a complete and illustrated guide to homosexual Kamasutra. It’s a great way to improve your knowledge on sex positions, your lemon stories, fanart, and sex life. Gohan and Trunks will help you learn all about Saiyajin intercourse.

The positions are divided according to their level of difficulty :

Each position listed is described and illustrated.This tutorial is made to complete your sexual education and spice your sex life.

Our Kamehasutra will end on a chapter consisting of Oral Sex.

Nota Bene : All the positions can be enlarged by clicking the pictures.

You can also see several animated positions described below in our exclusive flash animations. Please read the animation instructions carefully so you don’t miss some of their awesome features :

Flash Animations by Aethermd

We also have a very neat animation movie which illustrates the whole philosophy of kamasutra. We sure you’ll find it quite entertaining and instructive.

Animation Movie by Aethermd

1) Beginner Positions

Δ The Elephant

Art by Lara Yokoshima

Description :

The catcher/uke lies down on his stomach and spreads out his legs. The pitcher/seme lies down between the catcher/uke’s legs. After doing that, the pitcher/seme shoves his penis into the asshole while using his arm to prop himself up on the ground (so as not to place weight on the partner).

Tips :

The catcher/uke should prop his head against his partner’s neck to increase the sensuality. By arching his back (either more or less), the catcher/uke can affect the sensations and their intensity. He can squeeze his own buttocks to make intercourse more intense.

Upsides :

This posture allows for more body contact than usual. It allows many variations so that the pitcher/seme can efficiently please and stimulate his partner.

Downsides :

The two men don’t see each other, cutting out “caressing”.

Δ The Missionary

Art by Fablespinner

Description :

The catcher/uke lies down on his back. His partner moves to touch his chest against the catcher/uke’s. The pitcher/seme lies between the catcher/uke’s legs and inserts his penis into the anus.

Tips :

To use the position to its greatest potential (deeper penetration and pleasure), the catcher/uke should bend his knees to bring them up to his own shoulders.

Upsides :

This posture allows for more body contact than usual. Face to face, they can see each other and embrace one another with ease.

Downsides :

This isn’t a good position for large people (aka, fat).

Δ The Andromache

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The pitcher/seme starts off lying on his back with his legs slightly apart. The catcher/uke is on his knees, straddling the pitcher/seme’s mid-drift, torso (upper body) upright. He is on top of the pitcher/seme.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme should be sure to keep track of what the catcher/uke does in this particular position. If they’re not careful and make quick movements, they could accidentally bend the other’s penis and cause pain.

The pitcher/seme has the ability, in this position, to caress and stimulate the catcher/uke’s penis. This is best when wishing to increase the pleasure and sensation for him. If this position is simply not enough, the catcher/uke can be placed in the squatting position instead of kneeling.

The pitcher/seme can caress the known erogenous zones (scrotum, abs…) of his partner to add to his own enjoyment.

Upsides :

Since the pitcher/seme is lying on his back, the catcher/uke has easy access to all of his partner’s erogenous zones as well as the ability to caress and stimulate in other ways. Both lovers can move freely (catcher/uke more than pitcher/seme).

Downsides :

The current position places strains on the thigh muscles. Depending on the angle’s penetration, this position may be uncomfortable for the pitcher/seme.

Δ The Greyhound

Art by Peruggine and Fablespinner

Description :

To begin, the catcher/uke is on all his hands and knees, butt in the air. The pitcher/seme places himself right behind his partner, kneeling between the catcher/uke’s legs to penetrate him.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme can put his arms around the catcher/uke and press his torso against the catcher/uke’s back. This will increase the contact area from the anus to the upper body.

The pitcher/seme has access to his partner’s penis and can caress it to further increase the catcher/uke’s pleasure.

To place less strain on the catcher/uke, he can rest on his elbows instead of relying on his hands. This will modify the angle of penetration and allow the pitcher/seme more possible chances to intensify the sensation.

If wishing to pleasure his partner, the pitcher/seme can reach one arm between his legs and take hold of his catcher/uke’s penis.

Upsides :

The two partners do not face each other, which is both a good and bad for this position (no eye contact and less intimate); however, both catcher/uke and pitcher/seme are allotted excitation and the possibility of exacerbating fantasies.

This pose allows for strong and deep penetration, heightening sensations for both partners. This pose is ideal for large (fat) people.

Downsides :

Penetration may be too deep/vigorous for catcher/uke. Possible pain.

2) Confirmed Positions

Δ The Oyster

Art by P.L.Nunn

Description :

To start this sex position, the catcher/uke will lie on his back. Then tuck his legs up against his stomach. The pitcher/seme then takes a kneeling position, spreading the catcher/uke’s legs to place his penis and torso between them and penetrate the catcher/uke.

Tips :

To balance and maintain control while thrusting into his partner, the pitcher/seme should firmly hold the thighs of his partner. If wishing to increase sexual arousal, the pitcher/seme has access to the catcher/uke’s penis and can caress and stimulate it. His other erogenous zones are also available (abs, nipples etc…).

The catcher/uke can also change the sensations and the intensity of intercourse by arching his back either backward or forward.

Upsides :

Position allows for face-to-face interaction and may excite both partners. The oyster position allows deep penetration, which ensures intensity of sex.

Downsides :

May be too deep a penetration for catcher/uke to handle, use caution with sexual activity. The catcher/uke also has little freedom of movement.

Δ The Spoons

Art by Heyohwhoa

Description :

The catcher/uke lies on his side, legs slightly tuck in toward his stomach. The pitcher/seme stands behind his partner, pressing his chest against the catcher/uke’s back. The catcher/uke then curves his body back to allow the pitcher/seme to easily penetrate him from behind.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme should take advantage of this slow paced position to learn control his ejaculation. Be sure not to forget that the neck is a very sensitive area in general for most males. While the pitcher/seme caresses his partner, he may also brush the catcher/uke’s neck to further stimulate his partner.

The pitcher/seme has access to the catcher/uke’s penis and may increase pleasure, if he desires. Likewise, if the catcher/uke wishes to increase the pitcher/seme’s desire, he can guide the other’s hands towards his most sensitive area.

To increase the pleasure between the two partners, the catcher/uke should offer the nape of his neck by leaning it to the side and caressing the pitcher/seme’s buttock while he does so.

If the pitcher/seme is too busy, the catcher/uke may also touch his own penis to heighten excitement and pleasure.

Upsides :

This particular position allows for a large amount of body contact. It’s very affectionate and sensual, which is ideal for sex without much movement in the bed. This pose is also great for relaxing or for large (fat) people.

Downsides :

The movements allowed are slow and can lengthen the time it takes to reach climax. It is also possible that pleasure may diminish. The back position may hinder sexual play.

Δ The Anvil

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The catcher/uke begins by lying on his back, then continuing by shifting his knees as far to his shoulders as possible without strain or injury.

The pitcher/seme will move onto his knees to allow the catcher/uke to rest his feet on the pitcher/seme’s shoulders.

Next, the pitcher/seme will shift his upper body forward so that it touches the catcher/uke’s thighs. The pitcher/seme may then penetrate his partner by using the catcher/uke’s feet and buttock for support.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme should arouse his partner first by stimulating the catcher/uke’s penis and balls with his hands to increase pleasure.

This position should not be done without lubrication to the asshole and stretched to a certain elasticity. Therefore, indulge in foreplay and attempt other positions before continuing onto the anvil position.

Upsides :

This posture allows for strong and deep penetration, which heightens the sensation for both partners. Intense face-to-face interaction and posture meant to be extremely sensual.

Downsides :

This position requires a certain level of flexibility. The catcher/uke will have little to no freedom of movement.

Δ The Octopus

Art by Spubba and Peruggine

Description :

The catcher/uke should lie down on his back with his legs spread out. Then, the pitcher/seme should kneel between the catcher/uke’s spread legs and the pitcher/seme should lift up the catcher/uke’s lower body to rest the buttocks against his midsection.

The catcher/uke’s hips and buttocks should be leaning against the pitcher/seme’s thighs. Penetration should be commenced.

Tips :

Depending on how the pitcher/seme is lifting his partner’s hips and how the catcher/uke arches his back, the angle and depth of penetration will vary. In most cases, it should increase mutual satisfaction.

To further that pleasure, the pitcher/seme should combine thrusting into the anus and caressing his partner’s penis with one of his hands (usually placed somewhat lower than the underarm).

The catcher/uke can surprise his partner by stroking the pitcher/seme’s thighs, elbow, and other erogenous zones within his reach.

Upsides :

This position allows for vast amounts of body contact, intense face-to-face interaction, and extreme sensations. This posture is very comfortable and not completely movement restrictive.

Downsides :

The catcher/uke should be careful not to arch his back too far or he could hurt himself. Both partners have little freedom of movement in this position.

Δ The Wolf

Art by Peruggine

Description :

This position is fairly simple. First, the catcher/uke bends over so that his bottom is up in the air and his hands are touching the ground (or bed, depending on the surroundings). The pitcher/seme takes his place behind his lover and then proceeds to thrust his hips forward to penetrate.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme can wrap his arm around the catcher/uke’s waist, proceeding to then lean over to press his torso against the catcher/uke’s back to increase the contact between them. The pitcher/seme may also take the chance of this position to stimulate his partner’s penis and balls with his hands, this will increase the catcher/uke’s pleasure.

Depending on the flexibility and choice of the catcher/uke to lean (further or less), he can modify the angle of penetration and rubbing to create more sensual sensations.

To bring ease and prolong the position, the catcher/uke can rest on something for support (stated above “bed, cupboard, desk, vertical support, wall, column, stool, coffee table, etc”).

Upsides :

For this position, both lovers will not see each other (unless they wish to make the position uncomfortable), which is both good and bad. Due to the lack of eye contact and loss of intimacy, it takes away that certain attraction; however, both the catcher/uke and pitcher/seme will be excited and the possibility of fantasies added on for either foreplay or sexual sensations.

This position allows for vigorous and deep penetration to heighten the sensations. This pose is also ideal for large (fat) people.

Downsides :

Penetration may be too deep/vigorous for catcher/uke with a possibility for pain. To perform this position properly, both partners should of the same height or about so.

3) Expert Positions

Δ The Butterfly

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The pitcher/seme begins this particular position by sitting on the bed with his legs slightly apart. The catcher/uke then proceeds to sit on him, face to face, guiding the pitcher/seme’s penis for the penetration.

Both partners tend to lean heavily on their arms and rotate their pelvis in opposite directions. Most of the weight will be placed on the catcher/uke’s body, where they must keep their joints bent and also on the hands.

Tips :

To help your partner’s stability and allow for vigorous movement, the lovers can take hold of each other’s ankles. Also to increase the pleasure of the catcher/uke, the pitcher/seme can use one hand to rub erogenous zones (nipples, legs, penis…).

If they wish to mutually boost the sensations the catcher/uke can combine pelvis rotation (up and down motion) and arch himself further.

The catcher/uke may want to take caution because if he leans backwards too fast, he could accidentally bend the pitcher/seme’s penis and cause pain to the both of them (since the pitcher/seme is inside the catcher/uke).

A possible alternative is not to penetrate the catcher/uke and instead rub bodies together while giving each other a simultaneous handjob.

Upsides :

This position provides various sensations which will increase passion between both men. There is a large amount of body contact available, face-to-face interaction, and the posture makes the position particularly exciting for both partners.

Downsides :

The butterfly is a very athletic posture which requires clear strength and iron muscles if you want to avoid early exhaustion. Caressing is limited and kissing is impossible even for the most flexible of men.

Δ The Tree

Art by Peruggine

Description :

To start this sex position, the catcher/uke will lie down on his back. He should then tuck his legs up against his stomach while the pitcher/seme kneels, spreading the catcher/uke’s legs.

The catcher/uke then starts by placing his foot against the torso of his partner and place his other foot on the side. The pitcher/seme should take the weight while he moves to penetrate him, leaning over and pressing the thigh firmly against his torso.

Tips :

To stabilize the position with the to-and fro movement, the pitcher/seme should hold onto the catcher/uke’s knee and foot firmly. The pitcher/seme should carefully observe his partner’s sighs and synchronise himself with them. Also, the pitcher/seme should use one hand to caress his partner’s body and penis to help him reach climax.

The catcher/uke should also take part in stabilizing and optimizing the sensations by clinging onto his partner’s legs and pull them towards himself. If the catcher/uke simply positions his head on the edge (of the bed/surface), he can increase the comfort of the position.

Upsides :

This pose allows for deep penetration while, at the same time, heightening sensations for both partners. The catcher/uke can playfully squeeze his partner’s penis with his abs to increase the pitcher/seme’s pleasure. Position allows for face-to-face interaction and may excite both partners exponentially.

Downsides :

The penetration may be too deep for the catcher/uke, use caution during sexual activity. This position requires a certain level of flexibility on the catcher/uke’s part. The catcher/uke will have little to no freedom of movement.

Δ The Stem

Art by Peruggine

Description :

To start this sex position, the catcher/uke will lie down on his back. Then he should proceed to tuck his legs up against his stomach. The pitcher/seme should then kneel and spread the catcher/uke’s legs and lift up the pelvis.

The catcher/uke then should slowly lift one of his feet and rest it on the pitcher/seme’s shoulder, next he should take his other foot and let it rest on the opposite forearm of his partner. The pitcher/seme may then penetrate his partner, slightly lifting up the catcher/uke’s ass.

Tips :

To stabilize the position with the to-and fro movement, the pitcher/seme should hold onto the catcher/uke’s thighs and buttocks. The pitcher/seme should carefully observe the reaction of his partner and adjust the speed and depth of the to-and-fro movement to heighten the catcher/uke’s pleasure. The pitcher/seme should caress his partner’s penis, rubbing it against the pitcher/seme’s stomach to increase the excitement.

The catcher/uke should keep his legs as tight as possible in order to increase his own pleasure as well as his partner’s. For convenience and comfort, there should be pillows under the catcher/uke’s buttocks to diminish the effort that the pitcher/seme has to perform when raising his partner’s ass. The catcher/uke should caress his partner’s inner thighs, groin, and balls to stimulate his erection further.

Upsides :

Face-to-face interaction makes the position particularly exciting for both partners. This also allows for strong and deep penetration, which heightens the sensation for both pitcher/seme and catcher/uke.

Downsides :

“The Stem” is a very athletic position which needs a large amount of strength and iron muscles to avoid early exhaustion. Caressing is limited and kissing is impossible.

Δ The Swing

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The pitcher/seme should begin this by lying down on his back with his legs slightly apart. The catcher/uke should take a seat on his partner’s groin (placing himself ready for penetration), not facing his partner. The pitcher/seme should then be able to easily thrust into him.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme has the ability, in his position, to caress and stimulate the catcher/uke’s erogenous zones (torso, thighs, back, penis, etc). To ease the movement, eventually aiming to amplify the sensations, the pitcher/seme should lift up his thighs, buttocks, and hips in synch with the catcher/uke.

To stabilize the position better, the catcher/uke should lean onto the pitcher/seme’s knees while the pitcher/seme holds onto the waist or hips.

The catcher/uke can lean back more or less to change the angle in which the pitcher/seme thrusts into him, intensifying the sensations and pleasure.

To avoid straining (thigh muscles and such), the catcher/uke can lean forward and use his partner’s knees as support.

Upsides :

“The Swing” position allows for deep penetration, which ensures that the sex is intense. Both partners have a great amount of freedom in the movement department and both of them have the power to control the depth of penetration.

The two partners do not face one another, which is considered both as a good and bad for this position (there’s no eye contact and lowers intimacy); however, the catcher/uke and pitcher/seme are allotted excitation.

Downsides :

The current position places strains on the thigh muscles and may do so to other muscles in the process. The weight of the catcher/uke can inconvenience the pitcher/seme (Catcher/uke sitting on partner’s groin).

Some people might find this position uncomfortable. Not recommended to those of heavy weight (fat).

Δ The Reed

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The catcher/uke begins by lying on his back and spreading his legs. The pitcher/seme should then kneel between the catcher/uke’s thighs. The pitcher/seme’s thighs are half straightened up as he lifts the catcher/uke’s hips and may then penetrate him.

The catcher/uke should be arching his back as much as is comfortable, using his feet, shoulders, and head to support himself.

Tips :

Depending on how the pitcher/seme raises his partner’s hips, the angle and depth of penetration will vary for both partner’s pleasure . For heightened pleasure, the pitcher/seme can use a free hand to caress and brush his partner’s skin.

The pitcher/seme should carefully observe the reaction of his partner and synchronise his thrusts with them. Moving up and down with the pelvis can increase the sensations.

Upsides :

This pose allows for strong and deep penetration which heightens sensations for both partners. “The Reed” position allows for face-to-face interaction and may excite each partner.

Downsides :

This position requires a certain level of flexibility, a large amount of strength, and iron muscles if wishing to avoid early exhaustion.

4) Elite Positions

Δ The Bamboo

Art by Daeva-kun

Description :

The catcher/uke starts off lying on his back and spreading his legs. The pitcher/seme should then bend over the catcher/uke while the catcher/uke lifts one leg and rests it on the pitcher/seme’s shoulder. The pitcher/seme should move his own knee forward before penetrating him.

Tips :

After a few minutes, both partners can return to the original position and repeat the process with the other leg and knee. If both partners keep alternating the legs and knees, it’ll increase their sexual pleasure and stimulation. The pitcher/seme should carefully observe the reaction of his partner to synchronise his thrusts.

For more heightened pleasure, the pitcher/seme should free one hand and caress and brush over his partner’s skin. To access the greatest potential of this position (meaning deeper penetration and pleasure), have the catcher/uke grab his partner’s thighs or hips and pull them closer.

Upsides :

This pose allows for strong and deep penetration, which heightens both partner’s sensations. “The Bamboo” position allows for face-to-face interaction and may excite both partners. This posture is quite original and amusing.

Downsides :

This position requires a certain level of flexibility.

Δ The Bonobo

Art by Peruggine and Snack Attack

Description :

The catcher/uke starts off by lying on his back with his arms down beside his body. The pitcher/seme should grab the catcher/uke’s ankles, lifting his legs first and then slowly lifting his partner’s back up so he’s resting on his shoulders. If his knee is up to his head, then the position is correct.

The pitcher/seme should penetrate the catcher/uke, putting himself in the tip-toe position and place his fists against the mattress, blocking his partner’s legs.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme can change the position of his shoulders to kiss his partner or under the knees or the soles of his feet. To prevent any pain, the catcher/uke should lay on a soft mattress/sofa.

The catcher/uke can also use his elbows to support himself and use one of his hands to stroke himself.

Be careful when pushing the catcher/uke up onto his shoulders, placing too much strain on the neck can hurt him.

For the truly athletic lovers with a great sense of equilibrium they can try this variation which is called Reversed Bonobo. But I insist it requires both great strenght and equilibrium or you might injure yourself.

Art by Peruggine

Upsides :

This pose allows for strong and deep penetration as well as good range back and forth. It’s an ideal position if you like to ejaculate on your partner’s body. The semen should be able to reach the catcher/uke’s body (back, torso, buttocks, feet, legs, face, etc…). This posture allows for multiple ejaculations.

Downsides :

This athletic position requires a certain level of flexibility (for catcher/uke) as well as strength. This unusual posture can cause back pain to the catcher/uke.

Hand stimulation is limited for both partners, both hands and arms should be used to maintain balance in the position.

Penetration may be too deep/vigorous for catcher/uke, meaning there’s possible pain involved.

Δ The Yin & Yang

Art by Ebichu

Description :

The pitcher/seme starts off this position by squatting, using the soles of his feet to maintain his balance. The catcher/uke sits on him and wraps his legs around his partner’s torso.

Tips :

For maximum comfort, this position should be performed on something stable or where both partners can have solid support (corner of bed, table edge…) within easy reach.

Upsides :

The Yin & Yang position allows for face-to-face interaction and may excite both partners exponentially. This posture is quite original and amusing.

It’s probably one of the most affectionate and sensual positions due to the vast amount of body contact.

Downsides :

The Yin & Yang is a very athletic posture which requires clear strength and iron muscles. If you want to avoid early exhaustion, you should have these qualities.

This isn’t a good position for large people (aka, fat). Both partners will have little to no freedom of movement.

Δ The Monkey

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The pitcher/seme starts off by lying on his back and pulling in his legs up against his stomach. The catcher/uke then sits on the pitcher/seme (around the mid-drift), propping his back on the sole of the pitcher/seme’s feet.

Tips :

To increase stimulation, the pitcher/seme can use his feet to push the catcher/uke up and down. The pitcher/seme can straighten up his torso between his thighs and stretch his arms out to reach the catcher/uke’s penis, then stimulating it to increase pleasure.

In order to stabilize the position, both partners should hold each other’s wrists.

This position requires that the catcher/uke be cautious, if he moves too fast or abrupt, he could accidentally bend the pitcher/seme’s penis and cause pain to the both of them.

Using slow circular movements with his pelvis, the catcher/uke can increase the sensations and intensity.

Upsides :

This posture is quite original and amusing. “The Monkey” position allows for very deep penetration, heightening the sensations for both partners. The sensations are intense, surprising and amazing for those involved.

Downsides :

Both partners will have little to no freedom of movement and may be uncomfortable for some.

Δ The Scissors

Art by Peruggine

Description :

The pitcher/seme starts off by lying flat on his back with his legs slightly apart. The catcher/uke straddles his partner (almost like he’s kneeling) while keeping his torso upright.

Gradually, so as not to cause injury for either male, the catcher/uke leans back until he reaches a comfortable horizontal position.

Tips :

The pitcher/seme can, in his position, caress and stimulate the catcher/uke’s erogenous zones (abs, thighs, inner thighs, balls and penis) to increase his partner’s pleasure.

The catcher/uke should take caution as if he moves too fast or far, he could accidentally bend the other’s penis and cause pain to both catcher/uke and pitcher/seme.

Upsides :

This position is ideal for the pitcher/seme to master his ejaculation better. It’s an original posture which will stimulate several senses.

Downsides :

“The Scissors” position requires a certain level of flexibility. Both partners will have little to no freedom of movement, face-to-face interaction, and no eye contact when the sex begins. Some people find this position uncomfortable.

5) Oral Sex : The art of Fellatio & Anilingus

Δ The Fellatio

Art by Peruggine

Generalities :

Fellatio is considered to be a male’s preferred type of foreplay. Saliva plays a major role in an enjoyable fellatio for it is a natural lubricant which can be exciting and gives texture to the buccal (mouth) penetration.

A key element of fellatio is to build up your partner’s desire without putting your partner’s penis into your mouth. You should start by kissing and licking around his penis, inner thighs, testicles, and then slowly up his shaft toward the glans (head of the penis). Once you are there, use your tongue around the glans, and especially on his frenulum, the split on the underside of the penis. At this point, he should be erect and extremely sensitive to everything that you do.

Description :

Be careful with your teeth. To prevent hurting your partner, suck in your lips to make sure that your teeth don’t graze or nick him. Place his cock inside your mouth, but don’t tighten your lips around it. Begin to make a circle motion with your head. The cock will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue the motion.

A kneeling position will suffice, but it’s effective when your partner in on his back and your head is directly over his cock.

The circle should be both clockwise and counter-clockwise in a slow manner.

Take his cock into your mouth by sliding your moistened tongue over the head until your lips close around the shaft at the point just behind your corona. Don’t just open your mouth, close it around his cock and slide it in. It will be more enjoyable for him.

Take the shaft of his penis with your hand, remembering that the shaft is relatively insensitive to most types of stimulation. By taking hold of his penis with your hand, you give him the sensation of having his entire penis encased.

Try twisting your head from side to side, making sure that you lips are moist and stay in contact with the coronal ridge. While doing this, gently move your hand up and down the shaft.

When he climaxes, he may want to push your head further down the shaft. He will try to get you to envelop his cock, as you are learning his climaxes you will miss the fine points if you deep-throat him now.

Instead, gently suck around the corona as he climaxes so that he can intensify his pleasure and increase the force of his orgasm. As you gain more experience, you will be able to tell exactly when the climax is coming, and you will be ready.

If you place your thumb at the very base of the penis so as to block the tube, the semen cannot escape even though he is spasming and going through the reflex action of ejaculation. If, at the same time, you suck vigorously on the head, you can delay the semen for only a few short moments. It might surprise you how intense the process is.

Tips :

Use eye contact while sucking his penis; make sure to watch his expression as he receives your service.

Lick the whole shaft of his penis and the ridge where the head joins the shaft, called the corona. This is the most sensitive part of his penis. Follow this ridge around to the underside. There’s a juncture where the two ends come together.

Use your breath to blow gently over the penis, this will get him warmed up and erect before you start licking and sucking it, but can also be used to tease.

Lick his scrotum or try drawing both of his balls in your mouth. Use one hand to circle the top of the scrotum and gently pull it down, bringing the testicles together. Place them into your mouth and lick his testicles. Most men will love this action.

Don’t forget about their penis, keep your hands on it in addition to sucking and licking it when appropriate, use firm strokes to heighten his pleasure.

Close your eyes and concentrate, if you’re nervous or unused to this, try some of the following: Slowly ease the penis in, taking it into your mouth one at a time until it’s completely in. By doing it slowly, you will be able to overcome the gagging problem most women will have.

Fellatio is not just about putting a penis in your mouth; you need to use your tongue to stimulate the head as well. Try alternating between sucking and licking with your tongue.

EACH penis is different :

Examine your partner’s penis and take in the appearance of it. Looking at it and preparing yourself mentally is important. Knowing it is a good way for you to be able to create a sensual time for you and your partner.

The shaft, or often considered as the head (technically the glans): Look at it closely. The outside of the glans is the corona. This joins the head to the shaft. This is the most sensitive part on the penis and where most of your attention should be in giving oral sex.

On the underside of the glans there is a point of juncture where the two ends of this irregular circle come together. If your partner is not circumcised, this will be where the foreskin is attached. This tiny area is the most sexually sensitive spot on his entire body. It may be possible to bring your partner to a climax simply by tapping the tip of your tongue gently on it.

Beneath the glans is the shaft. The shaft does not have many nerve endings and does not, therefore, provide a man with any high degree of stimulation when caressed either manually or with your tongue to the exclusion of the glans penis itself.

Beneath the shaft are the testicles. The testicles (“balls” in slang) are extremely sensitive to pain and are not usually considered subject to erotic stimulation to any particular degree. This is completely untrue. You can get a high amount of pleasure from him by paying attention to these hanging balls. The opening at the tip of the glans is the meatus (also considered as the “slit”), this is where the semen come out.

In order for you to observe your man’s reactions and get the most information possible about his responses, try the following:

Wait until he is stimulated enough that his penis (in its erect form) is pointing toward the ceiling. Cup his balls with one hand while you gently, using only your tongue, lick along the entire underside of his erect penis. As you suck along the underbelly, you will learn about those areas that will give him the greatest and least pleasure when your tongue is touching him. His moans, groans, and so on should provide you with which areas are the most pleasurable for him and what to focus on in the future.

As you play around and discover those areas, concentrate on them every now and then. For most men, the most sensitive area will be the point where the ring (or corona) of the head and foreskin are attached (or were attached prior to his circumcision). By continuing to lick and tap along this area with your tongue, you’ll become very knowledgeable about his points and may cause him to let out more semen than usual.

There are some ways to tell when he is reaching his climax point. You might want to take note of these changes in his penis. These signs will be the same each time, so there’s a pattern to it that you’ll want to learn to prepare yourself for his ejaculation. The head of the penis may swell to a somewhat larger size due to his erection. He may thrust his hips forward as he wants to begin releasing his semen. For most men, immediately prior to the ejaculation, there will be a tiny clear drop or two of fluid coming from the slit. When you see or feel this at the opening, you know that it’s almost time for him to come.

Variations :

Place the tip of your tongue on your palate. By doing this, you can reduce the size and depth of your mouth. The penis will then penetrate your mouth, but under your tongue. This will create a closed and tightened environment perfectly adapted to the shape of your partner’s penis. It will put extra pressure on the glans with each penetration.

This technique is both exciting and extremely handy, especially when the fellatio lasts for a while. Since you don’t need to open your mouth as wide as for a real fellatio, your jaw will not strain as much.

Feel free to alternate penetrations below and above the tongue. With this technique, if you use the underside of your tongue you can prevent jerky discharge of semen to reach your throat, and your partner’s glans will remain stimulated until his release.

The 69 position can also be used as the ultimate form of fellatio.

Art by Jhemos

Consensual Power Fellatio is also a blowjob variation that allows rather deep penetration. It’s very erotic and shows great trust between the lovers, especially since the catcher/uke is at the complete mercy of the pitcher/seme. The pitcher/seme must use great caution and care since the catcher/uke is very vulnerable in this position.

Art by Peruggine

Generalities :

Δ Deep-throating

Art by Peruggine

Generalities :

Deep-throating is a form of oral sex in which a man’s erect penis is entirely inserted into the mouth of his partner. It goes deep into the mouth, past the epiglottis and into the receiving partner’s throat. For deep-throating, the penis has to be long enough to reach the back of the throat.

Placement is important in this activity. The angle of the mouth and throat should be wide, positioned in a straight line. For this reason, “over-the-edge” (referring to the position of the head on the bed) is a fairly used position.

The partner giving the oral sex lays down on his back with his head hanging over the edge of the bed and the receiving partner stands or kneels with his penis at his partner’s mouth level. Another position used for deep-throating involves the pitcher (giver) sitting on the male partner’s chest, with feet or shaft in front of him. The 69 position can also be used.

Description :

In order to practice this, get in a position where you can turn your head in a way that your mouth and throat lie almost in a straight line. The best position to accomplish this is to lay on the bed with your head near the edge and body sprawled across the bed so that the head is tipped sharply back. This position allows you to put your mouth and throat nearly in a line and will allow your partner to approach you and insert his penis with the pubic hair pressed against your lips.

The natural tendency of the body is to gag when something is being forced down your throat. To overcome this, relax your throat when the insertion is made. It is equally important that you maintain this relaxation during the entire ordeal.

Let him put his penis down your throat and hold it still while you find the most comfortable way to proceed. Due to your position, you will not be able to move or offer him any greater stimulation than simply keeping your mouth closed tightly around his penis. If you are able to, stimulate the bottom side of the penis with your tongue.

You will only be able to relax and take his penis in if you completely trust your partner. Your partner is in complete control. He must initiate and maintain all the motion. This is the only exercise in which you relinquish your control of the situation. He will more than likely take advantage of the new-found control and insert his penis deep down your throat. Now your partner should begin an in and out movement just as if he were during sex. He should start slowly, especially if this is a new experience for both of you. His only other requirement during this is to keep the motion in the same direction, there is no way he can vary the motion from side to side.

Tips :

When you relax your throat and your partner is thrusting, you cannot breath while the penis is in your throat. Being able to relax your throat is only half of what you must due because taking breaths as your partner pulls back or as you pull back is the other half. This requires some practice. The first reaction might be to panic – that you might not have enough air -, but most of the trust should come from knowing that your partner will pull back in predictable intervals. That should give you enough time to breath in or breath out.

One word of caution. Do not let your partner get carried away when he starts to ejaculate. At that moment, he will be able to thrust his penis all the way inside your oral cavity and this is the most important lesson. His only other requirement during the exercise is to keep the motion in the same direction against your lips as he does this. Due to the position on the bed, you will not be face with the problem of swallowing his semen. The reason is because he has his penis beyond your gag reflex. Without a condom, his semen will shoot directly into your stomach. If both of you understand what it is that you’re doing, there should be no harm or discomfort for either of you.

It is possible that not everyone will learn this technique. You must allow your throat to relax completely while your partner is thrusting his penis deeply down your throat. To do this long enough for your partner to ejaculate is very difficult and may require a lot of practice. Don’t be afraid to slowly get used to it. It may be that you will be able to take your partner down your throat completely, but you will not be able to maintain proper relaxation of your throat until he comes. Hopefully, your partner will understand that this is not a rejection of him or what he’s offering. If he does feel that way, do not try this technique again.

Semen’s taste varies from person to person. It’s been said that it tastes mild to tangy depending on the food ingested. Some have a taste for it, some do not.

If you want to swallow it without hassle, take the climax deep into your mouth. Vomiting, noisy hawking, or dashing to the bathroom can be very rude and demeaning to the male climaxing, so if you don’t wish to swallow it, remove it quietly afterward (in a towel or handkerchief). Or switch from fellatio to masturbation beforehand; however, this should not be done too close to orgasm.

Δ The Anilingus/Rimming

Art by Peruggine

Generalities :

Rimming is the popular term for analingus : it is when you lick or kiss your lover’s anal opening for erotic stimulation. If you find rimming distasteful, skip this page, but know that for every person who recoils there is a person who wholeheartedly enjoys giving or getting a rim job.

Rimming can be delightfully nasty, or a deeply tender act that two lovers share. You can make the experience into anything you want. For many people, rimming is their preferred form of anal stimulation because the lips and tongue of their lover are softer and more sensitive than fingers, a toy, a penis, or dildo.

Learning to rim takes a little know-how, but most importantly, rimming requires that you know about safety concerns and have established trust and sexual communication with your partner. And rimming isn’t for folks who are afraid or ashamed of the sex they already share with their partner.

There are a few precautions you should take before the fun begins. Did you know since the mouth comes into contact with the anus during rimming, it’s possible to contract or spread parasites and STDs like hepatitis, some forms of which aren’t curable.

Better to side with caution. So, no matter how clean your partner looks, use a barrier like a dental dam or cut and stretch a condom over the anus to avoid contact with your mouth or tongue.

Avoiding direct contact with the anus or anal fluids can help prevent the transmission of possible STD’s like genital warts or HIV.

1. Clean up :

Cleanliness is even more of a issue with analingus than with traditional oral sex. Taking a sexy bath or shower together is a relaxing form of foreplay and will allow your partner to get squeaky clean. You or your partner should soap their butt and asshole, inserting a finger into the rectum, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. An enema usually isn’t necessary if you wash well.

2. Ease in :

Let you partner relax and get comfortable with you exploring their posterior before you bury your tongue in their ass. Massage their back and buttocks, kiss and caress their thighs and ass cheeks. Spread their cheeks and blow warm breaths over their hole. Lick, suck, and nibble their butt, perineum (the area of skin between the asshole and genitals), and the skin around their pucker. Get everything warm, wet, and lubricated with saliva. Assholes usually contract when stimulated, and then expand. Lick gently or tap the tip of your tongue against their asshole, and wait for a response. After a bit of gentle probing, the sphincter muscles should start to relax and welcome deeper exploration.

3. Work your tongue :

The anal region is full of sensitive nerve endings just begging for your tongue’s caress. Keep your mouth moist and supple as you work their hole over. Keep your tongue loose and paint wide circle around their pucker. Make it tight, long and pointed to probe and penetrate. Work it in and out, around and around, till your partner begs for more.

4. Use your hands :

In some ass-eating positions, your hands may be full keeping your partner’s butt cheeks spread to allow you better access to their hole. But it’s worthwhile to convince them to either sit on your face or reach back and clamp their ass open wide themselves. That way you can put your own paws to work massaging your partner’s clit, or stroking off his cock, or tweaking his or her nipples.

5. Pig out :

Once you’ve got your face in your partner’s butt, don’t hold back. Worship your partner’s ass. Get lost in it, make love to it. Eating out someone’s ass is one of the most intimate of all sexual acts. If both partners approach it with openness and enthusiasm, they will be rewarded with unparalleled enjoyment, whether eating ass is a main course, a spicy side dish, or appetizer for anal sex.


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