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A struggle for existence
by Dragon Ball Super/Z Boy's love     More by this Artist
Author: Fusamichi Jaku (ACT)

Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Featuring: Future Trunks/Gohan, Trunks/Gohan

Summary: This DBZ comics/doujinshi is a classic done by the talented group “ACT” well known for their Piccolo/Gohan and Gohan/Trunks stories. Scans from ACT’s doujinshis are still floating on the internet more than two decades after the original publishing of their doujinshis which proves the ageless qualities of their stories.

“A struggle for existence” focuses on love competition, and when there are two Trunkses and only one Gohan, all bets are off! Tempers flare as the 8-year-old and 19-year-old saiyajin princes fight for the attention of their one and only. And poor Gohan is caught in the middle! Can’t we all just get along? Find out in this humorous and cute Shounen ai (male/male) dbz dj.

Credits: This scanlation is the joint property of Boxer & Rice and Arigatomina.

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