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My Warrior Training
by Dragon Ball Super/Z Boy's love     More by this Artist
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Author: Wato Shimizuya

Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Featuring: Gohan/Future Trunks, Future Gohan/Future Trunks, Gohan/Piccolo, Gohan/Goku

Summary: This Dragon Ball Z comics/doujinshi is a compilation of several humorous mini stories done by several artists. The main stories are done by the infamous Wato Shimizuya (who’s doujinshi’s scans have been floating on the internet for almost two decades). They take places during the Cell Saga and the History of Trunks timelines. Gohan seems to be irresistible, his cuteness makes him widely adored by all the Z warriors and they’re ready to ressort to any tatics to gain his favors. Discover more in this neat Yaoi/Slash (malexmale) dbz dj!

Credits: This scanlation is the joint property of Boxer & Rice and Arigatomina.

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