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“Who inspired you to take part in the contest?”
“It was my friend, Trunks.”
“Did you expect to win?”
“No. At first, I wasn’t even certain about joining in. Then, little by little, Trunks gave me confidence. It became fun to prepare and workout.”
“How long did you train?”
“I didn’t specially train for this contest. I only did my daily martial art workout routine. I needed to go on a special and most rigorous diet, though. But no pain, no gain. Now I’m ready to chow down a whole cow!”
“How did you come up with such a splendid choreography?”
“Oh, it’s all thanks to Trunks. He was the one to come up with music and the one who did all the research about posing.”
“I see. What would you like to tell others who would like to join the contest next year?”
“It’s definitely worth it! Do your best!”
“And one final question. How about you? Will you enter the contest next year?”
“I’ll definitely make a comeback someday, but maybe not the next year.”

Illustration for the story “One Way Ticket” by Madam Gothicka.

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