OWT 004 : Welcome To Mount Paozu
by Xenocracy     More by this Artist
Gohan started leading the way to his house. While following him, Trunks wondered if it had ever occurred to Gohan that he had come here with bad intentions. It didn’t seem so. Trunks was engulfed by a bittersweet feeling. How vastly different his Gohan had been from this cheerful and carefree version of his! His Gohan hadn’t been allowed the luxury of a tranquil life.

Trunks raised his eyes from the path he had been following and took in the foliage, rocks and mountains around him. He hadn’t been able to protect his own world, but now he had the power and the knowledge to protect this one, the one that still had Gohan in it.


Trunks followed Gohan’s finger. He was pointing at the house in the clearing. It was still quite far away.

“Come! Quickly!”

Excited to introduce and boast of his new friend, Gohan grabbed Trunks by his hand and started pulling him towards the house. Already half-way there, Trunks’ nose caught the aroma of Chichi’s cooking.

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