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NSFW warning Future TrunksGohan
Christmas Honeymoon December 25, 2017 Words: 3198 Views: 16 This content is too much for your current Comfort Level.
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Kissing Cold Lips of Dead Man Future GohanFuture Trunks
Kissing Cold Lips of Dead Man December 19, 2017 Words: 1492 Views: 14 This is the third One-shot that I write from the anime saga "Dragon Ball", I had to wait a little longer to start writing it but I couldn’t resist, I saw a fanart made by MSprinkleZ on deviantart (weezajin on Pixiv) that had caught my attention and made me want to do a One-shot based on that and also inspired by a drabble that I read from the same website written by my friend Rio-Phoenix-1970.

I hope you like it; I did my best effort to make it as original as possible. Well, the "Dragon Ball" saga and the manga do not belong to me, all that is owned by Akira Toriyama, the films and anime adaptation are owned by Toei Animation but the One-shot is from MY property.

I guess I do not have anything left to say so... Let’s get start it! Deathfic
Confession Future TrunksGohan
Confession December 13, 2017 Words: 2964 Views: 38 This is the second One-Shot that I write of the saga "Dragon Ball" and it is also based on a doujinshi called Tentekomai, among one of the stories I found one that I thought it was nice but I did not like how it ended, the end It seemed very sad so I take the freedom to pass the dialogue of the doujinshi to One-Shot version but unlike the original ending, I wanted to do something different...

Anyway, I will not make more spoilers, the anime saga "Dragon Ball", the manga and the films do not belong to me, all that belongs to Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation. Tentekomai doujinshi belongs to its respective artist and the alternate ending to the story is from MY property. Shota
NSFW warning Future TrunksGohan
Last Night Together December 13, 2017 Words: 2768 Views: 31 This content is too much for your current Comfort Level.
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