023 : Change of Pace
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Gohan recovered in no time. To Chichi’s dismay, he was up and about by the next morning and was already getting for the next thrashing.

“We’ve decided to change the pace a little,” Goku informed them at the breakfast table.

Hopeful, Chichi and Gohan listened up.

“As we all know,” Goku continued, “the more a Saiyan’s body endures, the more powerful it becomes. “We’ll increase the training pace and difficulty to make sure we’re ready to face the threat when it comes.”

Chichi let out a frustrated sigh. Trunks was the Earth’s worst negotiator.

Gohan stared at the pancakes in front of him. He was both disappointed and excited. The disappointment mostly stemmed from the fact that no one ever cared to ask what he thought of his own training and progress.

“Don’t I get any say in this?” he grunted out his displeasure.

“You’ll get your say once you defeat me,” Goku said. “Till then it’s ‘father knows best’.”
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