At Work
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Third prompt for Vegetasei Week!
Tuesday 19th May – At Work

Again, work in progress. I was able to finish the linework last night- this morning. went to bed at like 6 am XD

Raditz and Goku decided to swipe a few snacks from Gine, and Goku learned the hard way to NEVER steal from Gine’s butchery. Raditz is a bad influence on him though, and they’ll probably do it again.

And for those of you who know a bit about my au, Toma is working at the milk dispensary (and we all know where that milk comes from ;) ), clueless about the mayhem that is happening with his two younger cubs and Gine.

I swear if Bardock was present and not on a mission, he’d put a stop to his cubs’ misbehavior and probably ban them from... Things they like to do.

This can be a ‘what if Vegetasei was never destroyed’, or my personal favorite, ‘what if Vegetasei was wished back’. So you can pick ^^


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