Caring for Wounds
by Alpha Light Bearer     More by this Artist
Vegeta is applying 'triple-antibiotic cream' on his wounds after a rough training session in the gravity chamber.

Headcanon time!

Saiyan saliva has healing properties, it kills germs on contact, etc, because that's how OP their immune system is (insert more biology that nobody cares about).

Due to Saiyans actually USING their sense of smell, they rather give themselves 'tongue baths' (insert implied smut) rather than bother with soaps and other chemicals. They do sometimes use unscented oils and some plant products on their hair/tail.

They love water though, just not artificial smelling things. They get rid of their natural scent and getting rid of their natural scent is like humans using sandpaper on their fingers, it takes away part of the identity, part of their story.


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