Cuddles and Purring
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Eighth prompt for Vegetasei Week!

Sunday 24th May – Cuddles and Purring

YAY! I finished another one ^^

Gine is taking a sleepy baby Raditz to his nest ♥♥♥

I hate repeating myself, but thanks to this stalker and this stalker’s followers, I have to. NAKED DOES NOT EQUAL SEXUAL. There is nothing sexual going on in this picture. On Vegetasei, it is normal to be naked. Saiyans have a different culture, they are ALIENS. They never had stupid puritans ruining their society like humans did.

If you think this picture is sexual in any way then you have something WRONG with your head. I recommend therapy.

I’m not going to stop drawing what I love and what I believe in. Deal with it and leave me out of your issues.


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