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Seventh prompt for Vegetasei Week!

Saturday 23rd May – Family

I apologize for the yucky sketch ORZ

Gine is finally revived, Cumber came back to the present, and Bardock’s circle (family) is now complete!

I hc that Cumber is Toma and Bardock’s first born, Raditz is their second born. And Goku is Gine and Bardock’s first born. All three cubs were carried by Bardock. All the Saiyans in my AU are intersexed so yeah, pregnancy can happen to anyone, and I do not believe in the science behind ass babies XD To each their own.

Bardock, Toma, and Gine are all the cubs’ parents. There are no such things as half brothers, or cousins or uncles for that matter.

Why Cumber? Well, the guy is just way too similar to Raditz and I had to use the opportunity ^^; He’s introduced as an ancient Saiyan in heroes, but that’s only because he was (in my AU) ‘kidnapped’ and taken to the past by Fu. Same happened with Shallot and Jiblet. (Sorry, I don’t like spelling it as Giblet). I actually haven’t seen heroes so idk much about it, just enough to make up my own little version ^^;


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