Kombu, Bardock's Carrier
by Alpha Light Bearer     More by this Artist
My take on my friend's original character, Kombu. She's drawing my original character, cKelerias, as well :3 And she was gracious enough to let me use her character in my head canons ♥

Meet Kombu! Bardock's carrier (mom). cKelerias is Bardock's source (dad) in my headcanons. These two were brothers (yes, you should know by now about my hc's and kinks) and had a baby out of "wedlock". In Saiyan culture, this means they didn't become mates before getting pregnant, something that is VERY forbidden in Saiyan culture.

Bardock's carrier was kept secret and cKelerias officially introduced his baby as a gift from the Goddess Lune.

Kombu continued with his treasure hunting, never being in his child's life except for the rare occasion where he visited cKelerias' forge (home). Kombu would bring Bardock souvenirs from around the planet, a gesture Bardock would love.

When Bardock came of age, cKelerias confessed Bardock's true origin to him. Bardock eagerly waited for Kombu's next visit, now knowing Kombu was his carrier, but that visit never came as Kombu had died in search for the ultimate treasure. His dying words had been "my cub is the true ultimate treasure in my life."


mountains copy/pasted from Danxia screenshots.
textures are from free use images.


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