The Snow Prince
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I'm not going to publicly share my art anymore due to the shit stains that repost my art without permission. So, this is only a thumbnail/preview. If you're interested in seeing the full picture, you can friend me on Discord Alpha Light Bearer#9393 and AFTER I get to know you and trust you won't repost/reshare my art, I'll share my art privately.


A brief intro to my friend Jakemr532's AU and my base AU.

Meet Vurdar, Vegeta's younger twin brother. His story takes place in a spinoff of my VPTT AU. In order to establish peace between Snow and Sand Saiyans, he was separated at a young age from his family and taken to live up in the mountains with the Snow Saiyans; his carrier's territory, where he grew up into a strong Snow Saiyan warrior. He only ever knew who his carrier, Sakinuya (another Snow Saiyan), was and the circle of 'Heavy Furs' who took care of him.

In this picture, we can see the King's Palace in the colorful, desert Sand Saiyan territory, and part of the snowy mountains, which are forbidden for any trespassers. It had been revealed to an adult Vurdar who his source was, and now he's preparing to meet him at last. Unfortunately, Vurdar feels complete disdain against the King of Vegetasei.

Below, in the water formations that happen at the base of the cold mountains, we can see a pod of arkls. They're omnivorous, water-dwelling creatures that can be trained by Snow Saiyans to act as an alarm system and alert them of intruders. They are smarter than Earth's orcas, and all it takes is to train one so it can teach its pod to emit their cripplingly loud series of squeaks to either warn the Heavy Furs of ice robbers or to scare said ice robbers off.

(Black arkls are very rare and are highly sought out as animal companions. They grow according to the size of their environment, which means they can be small or huge.)

In the full picture, we can see Vegetasei's two suns: Aro and Eyo (names property of Laci_Taleweaver), which means the planet is going through a drought season.


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