How I Want the World To Be
by KasaraWolf     More by this Artist

A calm breeze blew through the high tops of the mountains, far away from any civilization. The warming sun blazed overhead the two saiyan warriors, as they enjoyed a moment of pure silence. Shifting in the grass, the lavender haired boy sat himself up against the rock that his master was sitting upon.

Stretching his arms and yawning, the much older warrior spoke to the tired saiyan, "Isn't nice up here Trunks?" Blue hues glanced up at the black haired saiyan at the question, looking into his masters brown eyes, the kid called Trunks said with a smile, "It sure is Gohan."

Turning away with a with contented sigh, Gohan took in his surroundings, living for the moment while Trunks, watched. 'I bet this reminds him of his home,' Trunks thought, as he watched his master stare off into space, a small smile on his face as he remembered the time before the androids, of his little home long ago, some place that Trunks would never see in his time.

Not long after the birth of Trunks and the death of Goku, Gohan's home was destroyed by the androids that now plagued the Earth, leaving the young saiyan, at the hands of Trunks mother, and Vegeta's wife, Bulma. And now, Gohan, was her son's mentor, teaching her young son how to fight, and one day, leave Earth's crisis in the hands of this child, when Gohan can no longer fight for the world he loved. One day, Trunks has gotten into trouble with the Androids, ending up with Gohan, loosing his arm in the explosion. And now, this place these two Saiyans relaxed, was the only place the Androids had not found and destroyed in midst of their rampage.

"Hey Trunks," Gohan announced, still staring off into the distance, his eyes starting to cloud over.

"Hm?" Trunks purred, looking over his shoulder to the ebony haired man, noticing the sad look in his eyes, Trunks quickly looked away, and stared at the grass blades that swayed to and fro.

"This is what I want the world to look like when its all over," Gohan said, the sadness in his eyes fading away as he looked over to his small apprentice.

Feeling his masters gaze upon him, Trunks looked up, to see those brown eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. "I know that you can stop the androids, Gohan, and bring peace to Earth! And make it beautiful just like this! I know you could! " Trunks blurted out with such seriousness, believing every word that he said, would be true in the near future.

Eyes wide, a large smile formed upon Gohan's face, and with a little laugh, said, "One day Trunks... maybe one day."


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