Hunting Game
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When Gohan arrived, he found the fire fanned into a heavy flame with several sharpened spears all jammed into the ground, each leaning over the center. The boar was quickly torn apart and staked like huge kebobs. Dinner was swift, and they made a game of tossing the spears out into the water as far as they could, giving up trying to see who won when they couldn't even tell where the spears splashed.

Gohan sat down on the sand, resting on a berm where the beach met the forest. The waves rolled in a steady rhythm, and Gohan found himself nodding heavily as the sun went down. He'd hoped to see the night sky, but the clouds covered the patch of sky between the trees.

Beside him, Trunks had curled up close to the smoldering remains of the fire, his purple hair half-mingling with the ashes. He yawned, and the toe of his boot nudged the stones, sending up a small plume of smoke. His eyes watched the red embers in the gray wood, rousing slightly as the charcoal broke in a little shower of sparks. It reminded Gohan of how Trunks smoked cigarettes, focused on the burning tip more than inhaling, and he grimaced. Coming out here hadn't changed anything.
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And I Will Not Disappear Into The Fog And I Will Not Disappear Into The Fog

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