The Death Of A World
by Phantom Studio - Tommy     More by this Artist
The fog was in the room. Somehow the walls had ceased to exist and the gray void slowly ate its way toward them. Trunks instinctively backed away from it, bumping against his time machine. He looked to where Bulma had been and found the monitors, the chair, the floor...


Feeling as if he'd swallowed a pound of rocks, he fired ki blast after blast into the void. Nothing exploded. Nothing crashed. Nothing echoed. Even the sound of his spirit faded into the low ringing, the steady vibration as the worlds slowly came closer to touching.

He flew up and into the machine, finding it already on and its settings fixed. And on the dashboard, on the lever that would shield the machine against time, hung his mother's red cap.

Picking it up in the same motion as pulling the lever, he held the cap close and watched the gray void completely surround the time machine.
Illustration for the story :

And I Will Not Disappear Into The Fog And I Will Not Disappear Into The Fog

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