And The Winner Is...
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Nappa was in the middle of laughing a bit too maniacally, when the amount of ki reflected in Gohan’s hands suddenly became worth caring about.

“You little piece of sh-”

It was the last thing the General ever said. He should have learned to read power levels. The larger part of Nappa’s enormous form was eaten away by the massive blast. He still had knees to fall to though when what was left of his body crumpled to the ground.

Gohan steadied himself with a deep breath and walked over to the corpse among an explosion of cheers. As he had been taught, he coated his palm in the old way, with his enemy’s blood. Wiping a smear of it across his stomach, Gohan stood tall and raised his fist to the crowd. With all the excitement, the announcer couldn’t grab his other hand to raise it in victory fast enough. The cries and screams from the crowd drown out whatever he was saying, they were so loud.

Illustration for the story :

Saltation Saltation

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