Not Holding Back
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Even though Gohan’s stomach was growling, he knew there’d be no end to this day until he and his father fought for the King. As he suspected, they headed straight for the sparring rooms upon reaching the palace. Practice areas for those of a more common power were just rooms shielded to prevent damage from ki blasts. There was only one chamber that could withstand super Saiyans sparring in it. The Prince’s mother, Bulma, had built it as one of her first projects here.

Gohan had heard of it but never seen it with his own eyes. Bardock had let him study the science behind it a bit until he thought Gohan was getting too distracted from his fighting. There was probably some wisdom to that. Knowing how this room worked wasn’t going to help him hold up any better against his father inside it.

The two of them took their stances and powered up.

The King and young Prince waited at the edge of the room, going super Saiyan as well to withstand the watching.

“This time don’t hold back” Kakarot said coolly. Gohan resigned himself to the anger in his father’s eyes. There was just no way to make everyone happy all the time. Gohan had made an informed choice before, to only power up to the level he had in the Royal box. Now he would have to deal with the consequences. It was fine though. Gohan didn’t have the political capital built up to allow him something so insubordinate as to be stronger than the King.

He knew how to take a pummeling from his father. He’d rather face that than the distrust fostered by defiance. His father was a hero just like the King. Gohan was just a half breed. The entire time they traded blows Gohan refused to raise his ki any higher than he had in the box. He was probably going to regret it tonight but if things got really bad there were always the healing tanks.
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