See You In A Few Hours
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As he felt the soothing liquid rushing up from the bottom of the floor, Gohan closed his eyes for the familiar sensation.

“Send him back to me in the morning” Trunks instructed. A bow of obedience was given him and then the Prince strode from the room.

Upon reaching his chambers, Trunks sighed as he looked around at their empty newness. His mom had never let him sleep in her bed so that wasn’t an option… She didn’t care for the Saiyan custom since she liked to spread out and have the whole thing to herself. Trunks had curled up in his father’s until this point sharing it with Kakarot and occasionally Bardock and Toma when they came to the palace.

His tail twitched in irritation all over again when he thought of how he’d been kicked out of his father’s rooms to start his own den. Trunks had his own personal bodyguard now, one who was also continually interviewing for bond mate. It was deemed fitting by the King that things switch over. Well, just because they kicked him out, didn’t mean he had to allow Gohan to join him.

In reality, Trunks didn’t want to sleep alone tonight. The amount of Saiyan ‘pack’ mentality the desire indicated in him, made the Prince huff with annoyance. He knew hardly anything of Gohan though. Trunks did feel a sort of kinship with the teen but it wasn’t enough to just let him curl up in his bed. No matter how much his father and Kakarot trusted him.
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