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TauntingTyrant 2
120 Meet Me In The Ring June 17, 2018
Dharma Serenity 13 5 3511 Time Together March 27, 2018
FireCracker7 21 3 1493 The Saiyan Code February 17, 2018
Littlesaru 7
593 Like Frames Around a Picture January 29, 2018
Laci Taleweaver 3
393 Tricks Aren't Just For Kids January 28, 2018
Ardin 1
132 Almost Out, But Never In December 3, 2017
Shella-chan 12 3 4124 Of Onyx Eyes September 23, 2015
Encyclopedia 10
1614 You Know You’re Obsessed With Gohan and Trunks When… February 12, 2001

Boxer & Rice

Your best source of DBZ Yaoi/Gay/Boy's Love fanfic, fanart, and doujinshi/comics since February 11th 2001.

We specialize in everything dbz yaoi : Truhan (Gohan x Trunks), Kakavege (Goku x Vegeta), Truten (Goten x Trunks), Piccohan (Gohan x Piccolo) and a variety of rare or exotic pairings (Goten x Gohan, Gohan x Vegeta, Goku x Gohan, Tien x Yamcha etc...).

We have all that your dbz yaoi fanboy/fangirl hearts desire : A huge selection of DBZ Yaoi Fanfiction (Slash/Shounen ai) including several classic masterpieces that you won't find anywhere else anymore. Some of them come from well known and now gone websites like The Hentai Institute, Saiyan Hideaway, Voyeurism, A Stack of Stuff, Paco's Yaoi Hotel... We also have a vast variety of DBZ Yaoi Fanart (BL), dozens of high quality yaoi doujinshi scanlations and a very detailed gay kamasutra with all the gay sex positions you can imagine and practice.

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