Christmas surprise!
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After an hour of boredom, I have brought the 2 stories together, hinting at the future. Thank you, my 'Crash' for our rping long ago that created the 'future' that may come to be.

Christmas surprise
A groan, fallowed by random soft cursing came from the work room in the Capsule Corporation headquarters. All of this fuss only increased as the cursing grew louder, all ending up with a loud crash and random pieces of electronics to be thrown out of the open door. Bulma sighed as she walked into the open door, only to duck as another piece of table was thrown in her direction. She frowned, moving to kook at Vegeta who was hip deep in random wrapping paper, and who’s eyes were nearly glowing with frustration. She smiled softly, shaking her head gently. “Vegeta…I think you should swallow that pride of yours and let me do this. Either that or simply leave my workshop before you destroy everything!”

Vegeta grumbled, kicking a roll of wrapping paper across the room, glaring at it. “Why The Hell Is This Such A Big Thing?!?! Stupid things, wrapped just to have the wrapping torn apart and trashed for the items inside, which are only used for half a year before the kids become bored with them and then they are taking up space in the closets!”

Bulma sighed again as she shook her head softly, looking at Vegeta, who was seeming to almost be having a near psychotic breakdown over simply wrapping of a box. “Vegeta…they will grow out of this phase after a while. It is just something to make people smile. Don’t you remember when your little girl opened her first present?”

Vegeta calmed a bit, thinking back to seeing his baby girl holding onto the stuffed bear for the first time. Seeing the light in her eyes, and the innocent smile. He sighed, shaking his head softly. “Stop using that to calm me down.” He looked at the box of the new gift, a small music box. He then looked at the other toys for his boys and frowned. “I will destroy these stupid things before they are ever wrapped. I mean…****! HOW THE HELL DO YOU WRAP A BIKE?!?!?!?!?”

Bulma sighed, shaking her head softly. “Just put a ribbon with the card on each one. As for the box, do the same. It may be bare minimal, but it works. And you can leave them here. I’ll hide them for the next week for the kids. And trust me, after hiding presents from Trunks for years, I am pretty good at hiding things from kids.”

Vegeta smiled softly, moving to wrap an arm gently around Bulma’s waist, kissing her forehead. “I don’t know what I ever did without you.” Bulma smiled, chuckling as she leaned down, giving Vegeta’s cheek a soft kiss. “Easy Vegeta darling. Goku might get jealous.”

Vegeta chuckled, pulling from Bulma as he smiled, nodding. “Yah, I know. But he knows he is the only one in my heart.” He rolled his eyes at the smile Bulma had at the moment. “Shut up Woman.”

Bulma chuckled softly as Vegeta was walking away. “I didn’t say anything!” She laughed as Vegeta walked away, grumbling. She had her own secret. There was going to be a Christmas party at the Capsule Corporation. It was going to be big. She had sent out the invitations, and she already had responses from Goku and the others. She had already gotten gifts bought and set up for everyone, even Vegeta. She had helped Goku wrap his gifts earlier in the week, and even helped the kids wrap their small gifts for each other and their parents. Though she knew the boys were doing this for themselves, they had planned it so they got gifts for the other they would both be using. They were always trouble, and always would be.

The days passed, until the big party came about. Everyone was there. Goku and Vegeta with their children, the twin boys Omu and Omi, and the sweet little girl Misu. Yamcha was there with his son, though they knew the look-alike was his son, the mother of the boy was, well debatable. But for now, Young Crash was having fun, as always, playing with the other children. The gifts had all been opened, and everyone was playing with them. Bulma had given out her gifts for the others as Gohan and Videl laughed at the boys who were getting rather rambunctious. Pan, she was sitting in her little baby pen, playing with her stuffed animal, laughing as she bounced the bunny around, well it was more flailing it about. All that mattered was it was making her giggle.

Everything was peaceful and joyful, until something got their attentions. A loud pop was heard nearby as they all froze, looking over towards the sound. Goten and Trunks smirked as they looked towards the sound. Whatever it was that had just arrived, it was in for more than it was expecting. Or so their thoughts went. They powered up, ready to fly until a figure walked into the Capsule Corporation grounds. Everyone froze, looking at the figure. A male with lavender hair, dressed in Saiyan royal garb walked towards them. Behind him was a small figure, to his side was another. The male, strong and in his mid to late 30’s was holding his head high as he walked. Nearing the others he stopped, smiling as he saw the shocked look on the adult’s faces.

The figure looked over at Bulma, smiling as he bowed his head. “Hello Mother…It has been a long time.” He looked to Vegeta, but his smile faded as confusion set in, looking around at the children around Vegeta and Goku’s legs. They looked so much like the adults it was almost freaky. “Uh….Father…who are those children?”

Everyone was in shock. Future Trunks, Mirai had arrived for the first time in ages. He looked as if he was a king, and the children at his legs, they looked a lot like him. The one standing in the open had the bright lavender hair with black striped through it. His hair was spiked back slightly, but from the look of it all, it seemed natural. The one hiding shyly behind his legs looked out, blinking as he stepped out, looking curiously at the others. His hair was long, and a deep navy blue. He, unlike the other who seemed the same age, had a very impressively long tail that wrapped around his waist, and around his left wrist, almost like it was holding onto it for support.

Mirai looked over at Gohan and his smile faded a bit, seeing not only that Videl was right next to him, but the little girl being held in her arms. He closed his eyes, shaking his head to try and control his thoughts for a moment before he looked back at his father, who was standing close to Goku. Vegeta frowned softly, reaching down to place his hand gently on his little girl Misu’s head, gently stroking her hair to calm the girl down a bit. “Trunks. It has been…a very long time. I am…well We are pleased to see you healthy. These, well, these three are our children. Misu is our daughter, The boys are Omi and Omu.”

Mirai could only look at the children, his expression blank. How long has he been gone? How could Goku have changed so much? He was against his relationship with Gohan so badly in the past. But now… Mirai frowned, Goku giving him a confused look. He looked down as he reached to gently caress the child with the striped hair’s head, causing him to look up and smile. The one with the darker hair was distracted, unable to pull his eyes away from Yamcha’s son Crash. Crash, as well, was staring back. Mirai sighed, smiling softly as he shook his head. He recognized a ‘crush’ when he saw one. He looked back over to Goku and Vegeta, his smile fading softly. “I am glad to see you two have changed so much in the years I have been gone. I have children as well. Twins. This one: he said, rubbing at the striped haired one’s head a bit, which only got him a frown as the male pulled away, giving his father a pouting disapproving look, “His name is Lazarus. My other one…Damien!” The one with the tail stopped, looking back as he rushed over to his father’s side, having been moving closer to Crash the entire time since he had seen him. “Good boy…This one is Damien. Damien, Lazarus…Do you remember me talking about my mother and father?” The boys nodded, both looking up at Mirai. Mirai smiled, holding his hand out as he motioned to Vegeta, then Bulma as he spoke. “This is your grandfather, Vegeta, and your grandmother, Bulma.”

Damien and Lazarus bowed in respect to both of the people as they spoke softly. “Grandfather, lord Vegeta, Grandmother, Lady Bulma. It is our honor to meet you.” Bulma and Vegeta shared a look for a moment, then looked back to Mirai. “Trunks…they are very…respectful.”

Mirai chuckled softly, nodding gently. “Well, they have been raised to be proper. It is only fitting for the Princes of Aedon.”

Vegeta and Bulma looked confused for a second, but Vegeta’s confusion passed, recognizing now where he had seen Mirai’s clothing before. “You have taken the title of King. And apparently, you have found a mate.”

Mirai’s smile grew sad as he patted his son’s backs gently. “Alright, go play with your nephews and niece.” The boys smiled, Lazarus moving as he ran over to the triplets, the 3 moving to go talk a distance from the adults. Damien though, he moved to Crash, smiling softly as they started to talk, walking a small distance away. Mirai sighed as the other adults came to meet with him, his head shaking softly. “No….I have not met anyone since…well no one could ever take his place in my heart…But I was required to produce heirs…So I met with the goddess of creation. And she gave me my sons. They are the God of time and the Dragon of space. But they are still young, so they have not gotten their places in the universe understood yet.”

Gohan blinked, confused as he looked over at Mirai, just as lost as everyone else. “Trunks…What has happened since Cell that has changed you so much?”

Mirai’s eyes widened, a stunned, sadness in his eyes. “G-Gohan…You…You called me ‘Trunks’. I…I am glad I have been gone lone enough for you to have forgotten me.”

It was Gohan’s turn to look confused. “Forgotten you? Trunks, no one could forget you. You saved my father’s life, and helped us to defeat Cell.”

Mirai looked confused, looking from one person to the next. “wait….Something is wrong…Gohan, You are not calling me ‘Mir’, In fact, no one is calling me ‘Mirai’. What has happened since I was gone?”

Goku chuckled softly, reaching up to rub at the back of his head softly. “ ‘Mirai’? Trunks, we’ve never called you that!”

Mirai frowned softly, folding his arms across his chest softly. “Something is wrong…Gohan…I betrayed your trust and love…Goku…You disapproved of our relationship, Father, we both exploded to try and kill Buu.”

Everyone looked even more confused. “Trunks, how do you even know about Buu? Or the fact I tried to suicide and kill Buu only to fail?”

Mirai frowned, taking a step backwards. “I have traced across the universe and time so much…Have I come across a new earth. The timeline where Gohan and I…Is it now my curse to never forget, while it is your blessing to not know?”

Hearing Mirai’s words Gohan blinked, flushing softly as he looked to Videl, then back. “Trunks…I mean I admired you when you first showed up, but there was no ‘Us’. In fact, I’m married to Vi-“

Mirai nodded softly, smiling. “Videl…I know…I was at the wedding…well, I watched the last bit of it. I left my jacket and sword with my father to give to you as a wedding gift. But I see now…I come from a different reality apparently.” He smiled, walking over to bend down, picking up the stuffed animal that Pan had dropped before he stood, brushing the toy off a bit before he handed it over, giving it to the baby, who giggled happily. He smiled, watching how excited she seemed to be because he gave her the toy. He chuckled, smiling. “I am glad you found everything you wanted…When I was younger, when the androids were destroying my home…I would speak with my master Gohan…He said he wanted this. I am very glad to see, you have achieved what you wanted so much.” He smiled, looking at Videl, then back to Gohan. “Enjoy this moment Gohan, before you know it, it will pass.” He turned, walking towards his mother, gently caressing her cheek before he pulled her into a gently hug. “If you do not believe me…Ask my mother. She will tell you children grow up far too fast.”

He released his mother as he chuckled, watching as his father’s twin boys were flying away, laughing as Lazarus fallowed, looking annoyed and slightly angry. Mirai smirked as he shook his head softly, looking over to Crash and Damien, who were talking as Yamcha was playing with Damien’s tail, never having seen anyone with one before. “Ah…This is what I was hoping for. I wanted to show you, father, and you mother, your grandchildren as your holiday presents. I would have brought them before, but it took a while before I cou-” Mirai frowned as he had to raise a hand, blocking a Ki blast. He frowned, looking at the 3 males, The boys looking slightly panicked. Mirai smirked, looking over at Vegeta. “Father, would you like to handle the children or should I?”

Goku chuckled, lifting off of the ground, smiling. “Don’t worry, I got the kids.” Vegeta and Mirai chuckled, watching as the 3 boys looked at each other then took off, splitting in different directions, giving Goku quite a handful, which only got Mirai and Vegeta laughing. Bulma chuckled, walking over as she smiled, pulling Trunks into a hug softly. “Trunks-”. Mirai smiled, cutting her off softly. “Please mother…Call me Mirai.” Bulma nodded. “Mirai, you have given me the best gift just by coming to see us, and showing us you are alive and well.”

Vegeta nodded, chuckling softly. “Yes. I am glad you are doing well…But do not worry, we know the hardship of children as well. All I can say is, feel lucky you do not have a girl.” Bulma chuckled, smiling. “Don’t listen to him. Little Miso has him wrapped around her little finger.” Mirai smirked as he nodded, looking at the frown on his father’s face.

Both Bulma and Mirai started to laugh as the party drew on, parents talking, Mirai telling his tales of adventure, Vegeta seeing some of his past in Mirai’s words, Goku seeing some of his own past in them as well. Mirai listened to Goku as he spoke of his relationship with Vegeta, how they had gotten so close. After a while, Vegeta went off to chase after the 3 fighting boys who were now picking on his little girl. Mirai chuckled as he spoke with Goku, telling him about the problem he had in the past with ‘His’ Goku.

The day rolled on and on, but eventually it was growing late. Thanks to Damien, Mirai had decided to stay the night, since Damien was already asleep, his tail wrapped around both himself and Crash as they were cuddling, asleep already. Mirai sat with his father, mother, Goku, and Yamcha as they laughed and drank. It was the holidays, Mirai had reunited with his parents after so long, Goku and Vegeta’s boys had someone besides Yamcha’s boy to hang out with, Miso had a crush on Lazarus, and apparently Crash and Damien had grown very close from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Things were going so well. The holidays just made everything better.

After a few days, and much promises, Damien and Crash were finally pulled apart, and Lazarus promised to come back to his new ‘brothers’ later. Miso made Mirai promise to come back and to tell her more stories, as well as to bring her a gift from his home planet. Having stayed longer than planned, Mirai got his boys, and the gifts they had been given by everyone into his ship as they gave one last goodbye, and entered their ship, heading back home, knowing that, even if it was not the former home and family knew, it was still a family he was always welcome to come back to


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