One Way Ticket

"One Way Ticket" is an art project created by Lord Truhan and drawn by Xenocracy. It is an alternative take on "The History of Trunks" and Dragon Ball Z and we're not following strictly the timeline. Future Trunks was send back in the past when he was 12-13, but he wasn't sent back when Freezer arrived on Earth. In OWT universe Goku took care of Freezer's threat. Trunks actually shows up in the past at the begining of History of Trunks. So Gohan is 10-11 when Season 1 starts. Season 1-3 last three years so when Season 4 begins (with the androids) Gohan is 13-14 and Trunks is 15-16. In Season 5 they stay three years in the room of spirit and time so Gohan is 16-17 and Trunks is 18-19 when they first have sex. The age of consent in the United States ranges from 16 to 18 years old depending on the state. One Way Ticket isn't intended to be a shota project nor does it condone pedophilia. It's a more coherent take on what could have happened with a yaoi twist and it's intended to depict a slow burn love story between Gohan and Future Trunks a platonic and sweet friendship evolving into a strong fighters/warriors comradery before blossoming into love.
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Latest work Latest update
One Way Ticket - Eighth Season 31 3436 271 : Some Things Never Change August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - Fifth Season 48 16656 144 : Come with Me August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - First Season 38 44296 001 : The Day My World Ended August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - Fourth Season 28 8267 116 : May 12th August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - Second Season 58 26527 039 : Breaking Point August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - Seventh Seaso 40 7383 231 : Family Picnic August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - Sixth Season 39 9536 192 : New Armor Design August 30, 2018
One Way Ticket - Third Season 32 10048 084 : Back to Basics August 30, 2018

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