012 : Good Morning in the Son Household
by One Way Ticket - First Season     More by this Season

Trunks woke up to the noise in the room. The feeble light coming from the window indicated that it was an early morning. Then his sleepy mind suddenly discerned an alarming shadow on the wall. He jolted in surprise, his eyes snapping wide open. He turned to the window, but it was only Icarus, Gohan’s pet. When he saw Icarus for the first time, he had nearly taken the poor thing’s head off with his sword. Icarus appeared to be some kind of a non-aggressive dragon breed that was easily tamed. Other dragon breeds usually considered Humans as food and, in general, ate anything that moved.

Icarus seemed to be watching something farther in the room. Yawning, Trunks turned to his other side to see Gohan going through his morning kata.

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