016 : Returning the Favor
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Chichi gasped in shock when she saw Gohan in the doorway. While she stood rooted to the floor, the three men filed into the house. Seduced by the smells wafting from the kitchen, Goku went there without even a moment’s hesitation. Chichi hurried after him but, while Goku’s interest lay solely in the steaming pots on the stove, hers was in the cabinet next to the window. Grabbing the first-aid kit from it, she rushed back into the corridor.

“Ugh, Mom…” Gohan mumbled at the sight of his agitated mother. She was waving the kit in her hand as if it were some kind of a weapon. “It’s nothing, Mom,” he said, reddening. “I’m completely fine. Really.”

“Who are you kidding?” Chichi grunted out. She pointed at the bathroom wordlessly.

“Ma’am,” Trunks said carefully, “I could tend to his wounds while you set the table.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I can…” A crash from the kitchen made Chichi frown; Goku was being a cow in a porcelain shop again. “On the other hand, I will be grateful if you could take care of it,” she said, pushing the kit into Trunks’ hands and rushing back into the kitchen to make sure Goku didn’t break anything or/and didn’t eat everything.

Back in Gohan’s room the two youngsters set about cleaning the wounds.

Gohan was trying to act bravely but wasn’t able to keep himself from flinching every time Trunks dabbed at his wounds with a disinfectant. Trunks was aware of that and found it endearing. At the same time he wondered whether it had been a good idea to suggest himself instead of Chichi.

“You’ve got some nice moves,” he said, trying to make Gohan relax. “I saw a few that I would like you show me again. Is that alright?”

Gohan grinned at his lame attempt to ease the atmosphere. “Sure!”

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