018 : Father Knows Best?
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Gohan could feel his fingers getting numb. He could barely hold on. A few more seconds and he was going to fall. He had no energy and was too tired to power up and fly. As if that wasn’t enough, he could hear a rumbling sound that was rapidly getting closer. An avalanche.

Panicky, Gohan looked around. His father and Trunks were floating right above him. Overjoyed, Gohan called for help. It didn’t seem that they had heard him, so he called again and, mustering the rest of his failing strength, started waving at them. There was no reaction. Then it suddenly dawned on him that they were ignoring his pleas intentionally. Shocked, he stared at them. His hope rose again when he saw Trunks move in his direction. His father, however, blocked his way. And then it was too late, a gust of ice-cold wind slamming into him. It tore Gohan off the cliff and threw him backwards. He fell down screaming. His back hit the surface of the hardened snow a moment later. Stars of pain and disorientation exploded in front of his eyes. While he was gasping for air, a hazy thought appeared in his mind that he had to get to his feet. The thought was lost when a mountain of snow fell crashing down on him.

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