026 : Say Cheese!!!
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It took a while for Gohan to dig himself out of the snow. Absolutely exhausted, he lay on top of the pile, freezing. All he wished for was his warm bed. He didn’t even have enough strength to open his eyes. He could bet, though, that the two sadists had other plans for him.

In a bit, Gohan felt himself being moved. No more blows came but he wasn’t being handled very gently. Gohan angrily though that his father and Trunks were probably taking selfies with his listless body. The two were undoubtedly proud of their vicious training. Lucky them.

Soon Gohan’s consciousness faded away and he came to only four hours later at home, in his bed. His father and Trunks were nearby, studying his collection of books in the bookcase.

“So did you take good photos?” Gohan asked bitterly. He sat up and found that his whole body hurt.

Trunks and Goku gave him puzzled looks then shared one between themselves.

“What photos?” Trunks asked, confused.

“Never mind,” Gohan muttered.

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