031 : Rise and Shine
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The alarm clock had rung quite a while ago. Gohan wasn’t showing even the smallest intention of getting up. Trunks could tell that the boy’s initial enthusiasm for training had suffered a big blow. For about a hundredth time Trunks wondered whether Goku’s way of training his son was any good. Trunks had no doubts about the training itself, but there had to be a way to make it more …collaborative? There was a big emotional gap between Goku and his son. It was as if the two were on two completely different wavelengths. Goku never bothered explaining his decisions or motives. Consciously or not, Goku behaved like an Alpha, which, in fact, he actually was. He didn’t care much for compromises as he was certain that the world revolved around him, which, again, was true. It was pretty much impossible to make Goku understand that not everyone shared his views. The biggest problem, however, was that Goku didn’t even want to understand. He was used to pulling everyone into the gravity of his own being and expected them to follow his lead, which, again, they usually did.

“Good morning,” Trunks said, pulling the covers off Gohan.

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