039 : Breaking Point
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

Trunks wasn’t certain why he had awoken. Confused, he stared at the ceiling. It was full-moon outside and the light was seeping in through the open window. There were already hordes of mosquitos buzzing desperately behind the window net. He wasn’t sleepy at all, quite the opposite. For some reason, he felt alert, perhaps even somewhat anxious. He looked over at Gohan’s bed to find it empty.

Driven by the same inexplicable feeling, Trunks got up and left the room. He crossed the corridor quietly. There was a strip of light coming from the open bathroom door. He stopped right outside it and peered inside. He wasn’t at all surprised to see Gohan there. The boy was sitting on the floor only in his boxers. Gohan was trying to be quiet, but Trunks could hear his suppressed sobs. They were permeated with such anger, wrong and desperation that Trunks nearly jumped away from the door. He couldn’t stand there even a second longer and left quickly.

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