042 : Dawn of a New Day
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

Gohan woke up to Trunks calling him. It was earlier than they usually got up, and Gohan wasn’t happy about it at all. He glanced at the clock on the desk, but then remembered that he still needed to get batteries for it as its hands were stuck in one place.

Trunks was standing outside the window. He had pulled the mosquito net away and was looking in, all annoyingly cheerful.

“Good morning!”

“Morning,” Gohan muttered sleepily.

“I’ve got some good news,” Trunks announced merrily.

“Oh really?”

“Yes. It’s going to be fun.”

Gohan gave him a skeptical look.

“I’m serious,” Trunks insisted. “Do you want to go hunting?”

Gohan stared at him. “Huh? Now?”


“A boar attacked your mom on her way back from the town. She chased it off, but then we thought that it would be a great catch for lunch.”

“Mm… And is Dad alright with it?”

“We’ll leave him a note.”

Gohan’s eyebrows rose at that. On the other hand, if it included a mention of food, they just might pull it off.

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