043 : Believe in Your Skills
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It took them a while to find the exact spot Chichi had seen the boar at. Trunks let Gohan do all the tracking and was surprised at how good the younger boy was at it.

“I’ve intended to teach you a thing or two about tracking,” he admitted quietly while they were following the tracks the boar had left, “but it seems I can actually learn more from you than you from me.”

Gohan huffed quietly amused by the confession. He did feel flattered by the compliment, though. “Well, you’d also learn a thing or two, as you said, if you’d been left in the wild to fend for yourself since age 4.”

Trunks gave his back a confused look. “What do you mean? Did…?”

“Shhh!” Gohan shushed him. “Here it is, look,” he whispered quietly, pointing forward.

Indeed, there it was, a huge boar digging at the ground under an acorn tree. The boar was making so much noise that it was surprising that it hadn’t attracted any predators yet. Then again, the boar was confident in its size and strength.

“You just look at the size of it,” Trunks muttered, awed. His eyes went to the huge testicles hanging on the boar’s backside. “Wow,” he said not sure what had impressed him more.

“No wonder Mom wants to catch it,” Gohan said. “It will feed us for a week.”

“He might run,” Trunks said uncertainly.

“It won’t,” Gohan assured him. “It’s tried to take my Mom on, and I’m shorter than her. Let it chase me around for a bit and think it’s got me cornered. Then it’ll be in for a surprise.”

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