044: Hunter Game
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When Gohan returned with an armful of wood, Trunks had already put the boar over the fire. He gave Gohan a proud look, and the boy had no heart to tell him that it was not how one prepared and dealt with a boar. At least not yet. He dropped the wood a bit farther from the fire and sat down next to Trunks.

“That’s a lot you’ve found,” Trunks said, impressed.

“Yeah,” Gohan agreed. It was probably the first time in days when he felt so comfortable. He leaned against the log and stretched his legs out. He thought he could just sit here, next to Trunks and stare at the roasting boar for hours, no, days. He sighed regretfully.

“What?” Trunks wondered.

“You did it all wrong with the boar,” Gohan said, another sigh escaping his mouth. He was moved a little when Trunks gave him a concerned look.


“Yeah. First, you have to burn the hairs off the body. Then, you clean the skin off with a knife. And then you take the entrails out.”

Trunks stared at the boar. “Oh. Ugh… Yes. Logical. Makes sense. Totally.”

Gohan watched Trunks’ face getting redder by the second. The flush creeped up from his chest and up his neck and then all over his face. Then whoosh and it engulfed his ears. Gohan couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s fine, we can do all that now,” he said, seeing how his laughter had made Trunks even more embarrassed. “And while we do that… How about you tell me why you have no idea about these kinds of things?”

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