045 : Regaining Gohan's Trust
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This was their sixth time in this desert. Gohan didn’t mind the heat, the sand was much more annoying. It got everywhere: eyes, hair, nose, shoes, underwear, mouth. He would still find grains of sand in his shoes no matter how hard he tried to shake it out of them.

Gohan was holding up pretty well under his father’s attacks. But they had already been fighting for hours, and his stamina was nowhere near Goku’s. His father, however, had no intention of stopping.

It was obvious that the fight was over. Goku gathered his energy into a ki-blast and launched it at Gohan with an intention to put an end to the fight. He wasn’t very surprised when Trunks appeared in front of his son and batter the blast away.

“You should never let your guard down,” Trunks lectured Gohan, “even if you can move no more. Especially, if you can move no more.”

Goku and Gohan rolled their eyes at him simultaneously. Goku decided to overlook this act of kindness and announced that it was time to go home.

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