047 : Helping Together with Chores Around the House
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“That’s all of them for now,” Gohan said. “Another batch should be done in an hour.”

With an armful of just washed clothes Gohan approached Trunks.

“Will we have enough of clothes line to hang them all?” Trunks wondered, clipping the last one he had into place.

“It’s hot and windy today,” Gohan said, motioning with his head at the bed linen fluttering a bit farther. “Most of those will be dry in half an hour.”

“Alright. Is Goku back yet?” Trunks asked while taking a few socks from the pile the other teenager was carrying.

Gohan shook his head. He followed Trunks to the other free washing line. “It takes about three hours to prepare a field that big. Will take a couple more hours to plant it.”

“And there’s really nothing we can help with?”

“We helped by removing all the bigger stones from the field. The rest of the work will be done by tractor.”

“I see,” Trunks said, taking another piece of clothing from Gohan.

“Listen,” Gohan said, “don’t worry about it. If there was a problem, they would have said anything. And it’s only natural that such a rigorous training results in bigger food consumption and shredded clothing.”

“It just feels like I’m imposing on your family in all possible ways.”

“Well, personally,” Gohan said, “I’m very glad to have you around. Besides, think about it this way – if you hadn’t come here, there wouldn’t be anyone left to impose on. So quit your whining,” he finished, jabbing his elbow Trunks in the side. Trunks moved to avoid it, and the younger boy nearly fell over with all the clothes in his arms.

Trunks chuckled at him staggering around clumsily while trying to regain his balance. Over Gohan’s shoulder he glanced at the kitchen window, where he could see Ms. Son corning and brining meat. Despite Gohan’s attempts at reassurance, he still felt guilty for making this small family work harder than usual.

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