049 : Let's Close That Gap Together
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

“Wow…” Gohan muttered while taking in the whole training chamber. He had never seen anything like it. Slowly, he walked over to the dumbbells and weights that were arranged at the far end of the chamber. He wrapped his fingers around the biggest dumbbell and lifted it a few times. It would take half an hour for his muscles to start straining under such a light weight.

Trunks laughed at the disappointed look on Gohan’s face. “Hold onto it and brace yourself.”


Trunks said nothing else, instead walking over to the control panel in the middle of the chamber. He entered the password and keyed in a few numbers setting the gravity to a hundred. A final press, and he heard Gohan grunt in surprise behind him.

“Holy cow…”

Chuckling, Trunks turned around to see Gohan trying to keep himself upright while the gravity was trying to flatten him to the floor. “How about you try lifting it now?” Trunks teased, grinning. He motioned at the dumbbell near the other teen’s feet.

“Go to hell. I can barely stand,” Gohan grunted out while trying to walk around. “My legs feel like lead. Even my arms seem to be dragging me down. How did you do this?”

“You can alter gravitation in this building. Training here is quite efficient as you’ve already noticed. I myself have just gotten used to training at 400G.”

Gohan gave him an incredulous look. He thought that it was probably about the same amount his father could handle since the two were of similar power.

“Keep quiet about it, and you’ll catch up with Goku much faster.”

Gohan’s eyebrows rose and he chuckled. “Not exactly fair, is it?”

“It’s not like he’s being very fair either.”

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