050 : Taking Care of the Groceries List
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As usual, Friday was their shopping day. Chichi gave Trunks and Gohan an extensive grocery list and sent them out to the East Capital. Son Family grew most of the vegetables and fruit they consumed, yet there were also many things they bought in the city.

“And this one too,” Trunks said, adding one more bag to the ones Gohan was already carrying. “To help you train your balance,” he explained when the other teen gave him an unfriendly look.

“Yeah, right,” Gohan muttered, not buying it.

“Oh, take a look at that!”

“What? One more shopping bag?”

“Look!” Trunks repeated, pointing at the billboard on their right. “Wouldn’t it be interesting to take part in something like that?”

Gohan shifted the boxes on his arms so that he could see what the other teen found so fascinating. He laughed at an advertisement of a bodybuilding contest where an outrageously muscled man was striking a pose, his oiled skin slick like a salesman of used cars. Then Gohan’s eyes widened. He turned to Trunks.

“Wait. Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. It could be really fun.”

Gohan didn’t even try to hide the skepticism that was clearly visible on his face.

“Well…” Trunks drawled, thinking frantically, “this is something that doesn’t really involve strength or ki. It’s all about determination and the knowledge of how to build that mass of muscle.”

“And it should be fun because…?” Gohan prompted him.

“Mm…because it’s something new?”

“Me wearing a skirt would also be something new, but I doubt I would find much fun in it.”

Trunks grinned at him. “You never know.”

Gohan chuckled. “Let’s hope I never will either.” He gave the other teen an amused look. “How about you join in this incredibly interesting and fun activity yourself?”

“Would that make you join in as well?”

“Ugh,” Gohan said, laughing. “Maybe?”

“It’s a deal then!”

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