055 : Chilling Out
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“I don’t know if this is making me cooler or hotter,” Trunks said while watching a polar bear climbing over a snow-covered mountain and two bear cubs following her. He could feel his sweat seeping into the sofa.

“Don’t you wish they could also transmit some cold and snow from the TV?” Gohan said, daydreaming. “You press a button, and here you go – it’s -20C in the room.”

“Why don’t you buy an air conditioner?”

“Mom says she isn’t going to pay so much for something that will only keep giving us sore throats and a cold.”

Trunks groaned. “Kinda makes sense, but I’d rather have a sore throat than suffer this any longer.”

Dishes and pots kept clanging in the kitchen, and Trunks was horrified to think about Chichi staying close to the burning stove and steaming pots.

“Maybe we should help make dinner?” he wondered.

“She will kill you if you step into the kitchen. She keeps complaining that no one helps her, but you just try and see how she kicks you out from there for getting in her way.”

Trunks thought about this for a moment. “You know, my mom was like this too. I figured out that I should start with little things and when she’s not so busy getting the food ready on time. It worked.”

Trunks fell silent, and Gohan turned to him. The look on the other teen’s face was so filled with pain that Gohan’s breath caught in his throat. There were often times when Trunks would suddenly be hit by the full realization of his loss. Gohan felt helpless during those times.

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