064 : Pleasant Dreams
by One Way Ticket - Second Season     More by this Season

Even though Trunks still insisted on cooking some “highly nutritious and at the same time diet-like” slop, the smell wafting from the pot was surprisingly pleasant. It actually made Gohan look forward to lunch. With a content yawn, he stretched his arms into the air and wiggled about on the beach mat. He could nearly feel himself turning into jelly. Warm, relaxed, in a great company and with a meal to look forward to. There was probably nothing better on Earth. Well, except maybe for Trunks without shorts. Intrigued, Gohan squinted to see the other teen better. Oblivious of his stare a naked Trunks kept stirring the pot. Trunks had obviously decided that he wanted to have a nice, even tan and had discarded all of his clothes. Indeed, why bother? There was no other living soul around them. Gohan immediately approved the idea and got rid of his ridiculously yellow trunks as well. This particular action didn’t go unnoticed by the other teen. Gohan saw him staring at his crotch and felt himself react. His unruly lower body seemed to interest Trunks quite a lot. Gohan didn’t know how but Trunks suddenly appeared on his mat, right next to him, patting him on his erection.

“Hey, lunch is ready.”

Gohan gave him a confused look. “Yeah? Lunch?”

“Gohan, wake up! It will get cold!”

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