084 : Back to Basics
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The contest was over and Goku demanded they put all their effort back into training for the incoming battle. Goku himself, however, was very busy with work on the farm and wasn’t able to spend as much time training as he would have liked. Trunks had overheard him and Chichi once talking about the medical bills that they had to cover due to Goku’s former illness. Trunks had offered to shoulder his own living expenses with the money that he had won, but Chichi wanted to hear nothing of this proposal. She, however, had claimed Gohan’s prize money and secured it for his future education. Then Trunks had offered to chip in for this cause, but she told him to stop being insulting.

With Goku mostly out of the picture, Trunks was free to implement some of his most spontaneous ideas. Walking instead of flying while returning with groceries from the city seemed to be a splendid idea. Gohan had kept silently cursing him under his breath all the way home. Some of the barely penetrable shrubbery and paths he had never even seen in his life before despite having lived near Mountain Paozu all his life.

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