086 : Sleep Keeper
by One Way Ticket - Third Season     More by this Season

Sparring with his father had exhausted Gohan. Trunks carried him back home. Gohan was so tired that he didn’t even want to think about a bath, but Chichi was having none of that. She had him wash the sweat off and change into clean clothes.

As soon as Trunks had tucked him in, Gohan fell asleep. Quietly, Trunks watched him sleep. He felt a little sad for some reason. He couldn’t help but think that usually it used to be the other way around with him and the other Gohan. He would be the one carried home and put to bed after a day of vigorous training. He would wake up in the morning without any memories of ever going to sleep, but he could always feel Gohan’s soothing presence nearby, watching over him.

Trunks suddenly had to resist the urge to touch the sleeping teen’s face. He wondered if Gohan had at least a tiniest idea of how precious he was to him, both of them.

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