096 : Souvenir from Brazil
by One Way Ticket - Third Season     More by this Season

Sunday was their last day in Brazil. They spent most of it polishing and practicing their new moves. In the evening, though, they wanted to bid the city farewell and went sightseeing for the last time. Maybe due to the stark contrast between the slums ad rich neighborhoods, Rio de Janeiro had something to offer for everyone. Some souvenir photos and trinkets were in order. Their last stop was Christ the Redeemer. It was then when Trunks had one of his brilliant ideas:

“How about we take a few photos of us practicing Capoeira on top of it?” he suggested excitedly. “Would make a perfect souvenir photo!”

Gohan reclined his head to measure the distance to the Christ’s top of the head. “Don’t you think it would be a bit…hmm…disrespectful?”

“What would? Us climbing on top of it or us taking a photo on it?”

Gohan thought for a moment. One didn’t get such a chance or ever had these kinds of crazy ideas so often. “Yep, let’s do it,” he agreed.

It took them some time and effort to get on top of the statue unnoticed.

“Wow! This is awesome!” Gohan said, looking down at the city stretching all around them.

Trunks gave him a happy grin. They did a few warm-up exercises then a few silly poses just for laughs and giggles. They had just started taking photos of each other when Trunks looked at something in the distance. He quickly snapped a few photos.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready yet!”

Trunks pointed at something floating behind Gohan’s back. “Photo session is over. Let’s scram.”

Gohan turned around to see what he was pointing at. It was a news helicopter and it was shortly followed by a police one.


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