107 : Photo Album
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During all of the times they had been training in different countries, Gohan and Trunks had taken dozens and dozens of souvenir photos of themselves. They had taken the memory card to a photo retailer to print them out and had received a handsome stack of pictures. On their way back from the city they had also bought an album for all of them.

In the evening the teens got down to sorting them all out. There were so many photos that they didn’t even fit in one album. It was fun to recall the memories while looking through the photos.

“Look at this one,” Gohan said, pointing. “You look like a peeing dog here.”

Trunks glanced at the photo Gohan held out. “I don’t. It’s just the way I lifted my leg and the shadow…”

“Yep, that’s what I said – a peeing dog.”

Trunks nudged Gohan in the side. “Shut up. And how about this one here?” he challenged lifting a random photo. “You seem like you’ve just swallowed a bug here.”

“Ooh, this one,” Gohan said, taking the photo. “Ooh, I still can’t get over how fantastic the beach was! And you know what? I think I really swallowed a fly back then. Yeah, I remember coughing my head off.”

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