108 : Dambe Practice in the Savanah
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“This will be our last practice, won’t it?” Gohan said when he saw Trunks studying the maps again. There wasn’t much time left until the disaster struck the Earth. Gohan sat down next to Trunks.

“Do you want to pick the place?” Trunks offered.

“Ooh, can I? Hmm…”

Gohan bent over the world map and studied it for several moments. His finger kept tapping on the paper absently. “You know, I’ve always wanted to see giraffes. Not those poor things in our zoo, but those, you know, in the wild. Where do they even live, I wonder?”

“Shall we find out?” Trunks said, seating himself in front of Gohan’s old computer. “I just love how you can find everything on the Internet. We didn’t have it back then anymore. It just went kaboom together with the electric power and the servers. You used to tell me stories how great it was, the world at the click and roll of your mouse.”

Gohan watched silently while Trunks was researching. He hadn’t told this to Trunks, but the constant comparisons of him and that other Gohan in the future were becoming more and more annoying. It felt as if Trunks saw him not as himself but as some kind of an extension to that other Gohan. It was probably ridiculous to feel that way about someone who was he himself in the future, but he couldn’t help getting irritated.

“Africa, savannas.”


“I said their habitat is in Africa, savannas mostly,” Trunks repeated. “It’s decided then. We’re going to Africa. Oh, you just look at this. There’s some African style boxing out there. It’s called Dambe.”

“Great,” Gohan said. He glanced at the computer screen. It was filled with pictures of dark-skinned men trying to beat the crap out of each other. “I’ll go to bed, then.”

“Yeah, goodnight.”

Once Trunks got down to reading about a new martial art, there was no way of distracting him. Gohan was certain that the other teen was going to keep reading till morning. By then he would have already become an expert in it. He could never get over his astonishment at how quickly Trunks learned.

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