111 : Test Your Strength
by One Way Ticket - Third Season     More by this Season

They went to the amusement park in the afternoon. There were many activities and rides Trunks wanted to try. One of their first stops was a strength tester.

“The trick is,” Gohan told the other teen, “to moderate your strength to such a point where the puck just lightly taps the bell.”

Gohan took the mallet from the operator and stepped up to the tester. He took a swing and brought the mallet down. The puck shot up as if it had been fired out of a cannon. It whizzed right to the top, took the bell with it and rocketed further into the sky, disappearing with one last sparkle and a loud whooshing sound.

“Huh,” Gohan said. “Apparently I’ve gotten a little bit stronger since the last time I tried this.”

“A pity you sent it into orbit without any consultations with NASA,” Trunks said while staring at the sky. “You just need to attach a couple of antennas and you could get paid for this.”

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