130 : First Casualty
by One Way Ticket - Fourth Season     More by this Season

“Yes, that’s the ones we’ve been looking for!” Trunks shouted. “Eighteen and Seventeen!”

They had quickly formed two teams. Vegeta and Goku figured the teens might have difficulties fighting an android that looked just like a woman and took Eighteen on. That left Trunks and Gohan to fight Seventeen and they were shortly joined by Piccolo.

When Seventeen quite easily deflected all of their attacks, Trunks realized that this android was much stronger than in his timeline. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that Goku and Vegeta were also having trouble with the female android. This wasn’t good at all. It became even worse when Seventeen tore half of Piccolo’s arm off. Luckily, they had Senzu Beans.

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