144 : Come with Me
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When time for Goku and Vegeta’s training was nearly up, Bulma arrived to the Kami Lookout Tower and brought some new armor with her. She was still annoyed about Vegeta’s yesterday’s call and the rude demand for improved armor. Luckily, she had an almost ready prototype, which allowed for the production and delivery of its amended copies in such a short time. Trunks and Gohan put on the new armor and sat down to wait for their fathers to appear.

Goku and Vegeta emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber exactly twenty-six hours after having entered it. The two looked incredibly smug. They inspected the new armor and put it on.

“Hey, you will miss the fight!” Goku exclaimed when he saw Trunks and Gohan going into the Time Chamber. “There’s no time to waste and now we are strong enough to take on the androids.”

Vegeta gave the other pureblood a scornful look. “More training has never hurt anybody,” he snorted, motioning for Trunks and Gohan to proceed. “The stronger, the better. Even if they aren’t needed now, they might be needed later.”

“Thanks a lot,” Trunks gritted out through his teeth while dragging Gohan after himself and into the Time Chamber.

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