145 : Let's Warm up a Bit.
by One Way Ticket - Fifth Season     More by this Season

Once Trunks and Gohan had left the main building connecting the outer and inner world of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and took in the space in front of them, they saw that it was absolutely different from what they had imagined. First of all, there were no walls or any other boundaries of any kind, only the tiled floor that seemed to stretch in all directions endlessly. Second, everything was so white that the whiteness even had a bluish tint to it.

“Are you sure about staying here for a whole year?” Gohan asked, looking around nervously. He rose into the air slowly, hoping to see at least something in the distance. Zilch. Just vast plentifulness of white nothingness.

“We’ll stay much longer than for a year,” Trunks told Gohan, catching up with him. “I asked Mr. Poppo and he said that we could stay here up to three years. When we leave this place, there will be nothing who could defeat us.”

Gohan gave him a startled look. Then he remembered that only three days would pass in the real world outside. His alarm dissipated in a blink. He didn’t mind spending his time with Trunks one bit.

“What are you grinning about?” Trunks asked.

Gohan’s grin widened. “They’ve really pissed you off, haven’t they? All that crap about us being unneeded?”

Trunks snorted angrily. “We’ll see who is unneeded! I’ve never seen anyone cockier than your dad in my life! And Vegeta too! What the hell is wrong with them?!”

“It would take all day to compile the list,” Gohan said, bursting out laughing at the other teen’s unconcealed indignation, “so I won’t even start. Let’s start training instead.”

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