168 : Tying up the Ribbon
by One Way Ticket - Fifth Season     More by this Season

They let the jam dry for a few hours to make certain that it didn’t just get absorbed into their clothes once they sat down on the pentagram.

“This feels like sacrilege…” Trunks muttered while Gohan was tying a reddish shoelace around both of their left hands. It was still wet since Gohan had used ketchup to dye it.

“This is called ‘improvisation’,” Gohan said. “It’s not like we’ve got much choice.”

“Yes, but when Baba talked about it, it felt somehow…well…mysterious, magical? Now, it’s kinda…we’re sitting on a puddle of sticky jam with a dirty shoelace around out wrists.”

Gohan grinned. “Feels awesome, doesn’t it?”

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