208 : You've Grown so Much
by One Way Ticket - Sixth Season     More by this Season

Since both Trunks and Gohan had grown during those three years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Chichi took on a task of adjusting their old clothes to fit them. Gohan had grown most, so his clothes required more work. She had to rip the seams apart at the end of his trousers to make them longer. The same went for the shirts and their sleeves. But sometimes it was in vain altogether, and his outgrown clothes were now only good for washing rags or hand-me-downs for other children.

Trunks, meanwhile, comfortably sitting on a chair in the living room, watched the idyllic scene of a mom fussing about her son with an enigmatic smile on his pressed lips. He was both envious and nostalgic when remembering his own mother.

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