233 : Back to Studying
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New school year had started, and Trunks with Gohan hit the books. It had taken quite some effort to get Trunks into the same school as Gohan and even into the same class. Before that could happen, though, a question of Trunks identity had been raised. He had no documents or a passport to prove who he was. He didn’t even have a family to send him off to school. There was also the fact that he looked as an adult, which he actually was, while he had never finished high school. Bulma had homeschooled him as best as she could but he still lacked education.

Gohan looked like an adult as well and he could only guess how his classmates would react to such a change, but he could always blame his growth spurt even if others would find it shocking. Still, no one would believe he was eighteen now as miracles like living three years in one day simply didn’t happen. With Trunks it was different as there was no one who would believe that he was only fifteen.

The problem had been solved by combined Briefs and Son families’ effort. The Son family adopted Trunks while Bulma had arranged the procedures. It was only with her help that Trunks was issued a passport in less than a week, adopted into the Son family and then accepted into the same school and class Gohan went to.

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