Persuading Dad
by Alpha Light Bearer     More by this Artist
I wonder what Trunks is persuading him to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A friend helped me to figure out what's going on:

SweetCherry: I saw your Vegeta/Mirai post. And honestly? My immediate thought was 'milk'.
I asked her what she meant by that and we got into the 'Saiyans lactate' headcanon, and her headcanon about the dark world Mirai lives in.
Basically, Trunks wants to help Vegeta relieve any pectoral tension.

Trunks: 'Hey, why don't we engage in some Saiyan activities?'
Vegeta: 'Like we did in the Time Chamber?'

I headcanon that Trunks always has short/injured nails because he's always tinkering and his fingers end up with the short side of the deal.
I can even picture him biting off his cuticles.

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